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Time & Attendance And Access Control

Why should you use fingerprint access control for your business:
• Eliminate any unauthorized access.
• Eliminate risk of duplicity or fraud.
• Save time on attendance processing: no more cumbersome and inaccurate recording of each person’s time spent on the job.
• Save money: no more paying for time not actually spent on the job.
• Cut out the risk of loss or theft of access cards or codes.
• Reliable, accurate and more secure than card systems.
• Data could be stored and tracked via cloud-based software.
• Supports 50-5000 users with easy adding or deleting of users.
• Flexible – can be tailored for your environment.
• No people required to run or guard it.

Where it can be used: Anywhere
• Opencast mining.
• Warehouses.
• Farms.
• Car Dealerships.
• Banks.

We can assist with you solution no matter how big or small your business is.